Get financial freedom on your own terms.

We're building a digital bank designed to ERASE the wealth gap for Black Americans through legit financial education

Why us?

In capitalism, money is power and understanding how money works is what we’re all about specifically for African Americans

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In short, we know first-hand how difficult getting control of finances can be. We have your back and will help you reach goals 24/7

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Boss feature for our boss members. We’ve got you covered with roundups, in-app chat, savings goals, expense tracking, and more

Pick a goal & we’ll help you hit it

Saving for a car, improving your credit, building funds for a rainy day, or anything in between, we’ve got your covered. All of our products are designed to be simple, straightforward and hassle-free.

Stress-free money management

Easily keep track of current and projected expenses to ensure that you stay on top of your finances. We make sure you’re always in control and living within your means.

The Debt Trap

For some, it starts with a credit card in college. For others, it’s student loans, pay day loans, or the like. Getting out of the debt trap or avoiding it altogether is critical.

The Talented Tenth

In the late 1800s, Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois started an open discussion in black print to discuss the future of negros in America. Booker T. Washington felt that black people needed to learn a trade to succeed. W.E.B. disagreed and felt that education was our path to freedom.

In 1903, W.E.B. DuBois published a book called The Talented Tenth. His argument was to utilize the best negro minds (the Talented Tenth) to educate and lead the black community for the general uplift of all.

Our name is derived from this great debate but has it’s own modern twist. We must be the change we want to see. It’s time for us all to become The Tenth!

By the Numbers

The Wealth Gap in America is a problem…a big problem. To secure the future we all want, we’ve got to take control of our economic impact.

African Americans command $1.2-trillion dollars in annual economic impact but nearly all of those funds immediately leave our communities.

Features for days

We’re building one of the most robust financial apps in America and we’re all about impacting as many members of our community as possible.


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get real-time tips to help you understand your finances

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take control of your monthly bills

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a little put away each month can lead to big results


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access to insurance, wealth management, and more


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